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We're here to guide you on your health and fitness journey. The key to long term success is to start slow, build steadily and enjoy yourself.

Here are suggested workout schedules crafted with a combination of Les Mills programs to best match your health and fitness goals. Ranging from 3 to 12 weeks, choose the schedule that's right for you.

Try Our Recommended Schedules
  • Introduction to Les Mills – 3 weeks

    Ease your body into regular exercise with this simple 3-week plan featuring fun, short cardio options and a focus on flexibility. No equipment required.

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  • Recreate yourself – 6 weeks

    Build fitness and establish a solid exercise routine with this 6-week exercise initiation, no equipment required. You’ll get to try a variety of cardio options, ballet-inspired and weights-based strength training and some flexibility work and mindfulness too. The short workouts gradually build in length as your cardio endurance increases.

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  • Total body training – 9 weeks

    Dance, punch and jump your way to improved cardio fitness, build strength with a combo of weights and ballet-inspired training and enjoy plenty of flexibility and core work. With this 9-week schedule you get the variety you need to improve total body fitness and strength.

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  • Unleashed – 12 weeks

    Raise the bar and take your fitness to new heights with this 12-week training plan. Combining a variety of cardio and strength training with the transformative effects of high-intensity interval training you’ll fire up your fitness – and build flexibility and core strength too.

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